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Masks are used to transport oxygen and medicines from the tank to the lungs, and they cover the full face. Buy the medical supplies in Bangladesh.

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Nebulizer Mask - Child & Adult


৳ 100.00 ৳ 150.00

A nebulizer mask is usually placed over the mouth with a rubber band. It covers the lips and nose to allow rapid, direct, and easy absorption of the medication into the lungs and mist from liquid medications.

A nebulizer machine is used to convert these medicines from liquid to mist. After that, you can inhale the medicine through a mask or mouthpiece.

It looks very similar to the regular oxygen mask that is commonly used in the hospital. Unlike a nebulizer mask, it covers the mouth and nose which is usually held onto the face using an elastic band.

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Oxygen Mask (Child and Adult)


৳ 90.00 ৳ 200.00

Oxygen masks are used to transport oxygen from tank to the lungs, and they cover the full face.

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