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Privacy Policy of Netcom Trade International (NTI)

Here through this privacy policy, we are trying to communicate with you how we are going to store and manage our valued users’ data. This document entails why we take user data, how we take user data and what data do we take to maximize the user experience of our audiences.

By visiting this website you are agreeing to these policies and are bound to follow our structured guidelines.

Information We Collect

We mainly collect user information like name, mail address, phone number, etc. (if given by the visitor/user). Our sole intention is to utilize this information and suggest customized offers and deals for the best purchase.

Aside from this, we might also preserve users’ previous purchases and transaction histories for further optimizing the data.

How We Use Your Data

We use our users' data solely to improve user experience and analyze our business performance. These data allow us to determine appropriate web and user data analysis that further results in maximized user interactive secession.

We strongly oppose any fraudulent behavior involving your sensitive information and ensure that your data is always secure.

Data Deletions

Furthermore, you also have the right to ask us to delete your data. If you would like to have your data deleted, email your request to marketing@ntibd.com. Once your request is received, we follow an internal deletion process to make sure that your data is safely removed in the next fifteen (15) working days. You'll be contacted for verification and your account will be deleted after necessary protocols are conformed to.

Use of Cookies

We might use cookies to have a look at visitors' website usage, and a few other required data to optimize the user experience. Mainly cookies are used to get customized products elements suggestions based on users' usage and activities. So, it is kind of a must for us to collect this data and alleviate user experience.

Third-Party Application

We can often take the assistance of any third-party application at any time, depending on our website requirement. The applications we use might or might not collect user data that they can use for their required purpose. In this process Netcom Trade International (NTI) will not be responsible for any user data collection and management by the applications.

By visiting our website clients, visitors or users are agreeing not to accuse Netcom Trade International (NTI) of any use of user data.

What we do with Third-Party Data

We use third-Party data (like data from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc) for creating an account with the User Name and Email Address as Profile data.

Data Sharing on Legal Ground

Although we promise maximum protection of our user data, we are obliged to wave some of the restrictions and privacy for government law enforcement. On the legal ground, we are bound to share user details if the government seeks it on legal grounds.

Apart from that, we are going to protect each and every data with the highest commitment towards safety and security.

Contact Information

Netcom Trade International (NTI) is a leading global trading company of medical & surgical item and a provider of innovative trading technologies. With exchanges in the various countries like Japan, china, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.