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Urine Bags - 10 Pcs

A urine bag, also known as a urinary drainage bag or catheter bag, is a medical device used to collect and store urine. It is commonly used by patients who have difficulty urinating on their own due to various reasons such as surgery, urinary incontinence, or bladder obstruction.

When using a urine bag, it is crucial to maintain proper hygiene by cleaning both the bag and surrounding areas regularly to minimize the risk of infection. Additionally, users should ensure they follow their healthcare provider's instructions regarding when to empty and replace the bag, as well as any other specific guidelines related to their individual situation.

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Category: Catheter

Urine bags are typically made of durable, sanitary materials like PVC or silicone and come in disposable or reusable options. They can be attached to an indwelling urinary catheter or an external one such as a condom catheter for men. The bag connects to the catheter via a long flexible tube, allowing the urine to flow directly from the bladder into the bag without any leaks.

These bags generally come equipped with a valve or clamp at the bottom for easy emptying and preventing any spillage. Some urine bags are designed with graduated markings on the sides for measuring urine output, which can be helpful for medical professionals monitoring their patients' conditions.

Urine bags come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different needs. They generally have a plastic or vinyl construction, making them durable and easy to clean. The bag features an inlet tube connected to the catheter, allowing urine to flow from the bladder into the bag. A clamp or stopper on the tubing can control the flow of urine.

Additionally, urine bags often have an outlet valve at the bottom to enable easy drainage without removing the entire bag. This feature allows patients and caregivers to empty the bag regularly without causing discomfort or disconnection from the catheter.

Urine bags are particularly useful for individuals with limited mobility, urinary incontinence, or those undergoing post-surgical care. They provide a hygienic and convenient solution for managing urinary output, minimizing risks of infection and ensuring patient comfort.

In a healthcare setting, it is vital to maintain proper hygiene by regularly cleaning the urine bag and monitoring for any signs of infection. Proper care and maintenance of urine bags ensure optimal performance and prevent complications associated with long-term catheter use.

NTI Urine bag price in Bangladesh

  1. Brand: NTI
  2. Product Type: Urine bag with valve
  3. Minimum order: 10 pcs
  4. Status: Sterile

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