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NTI Suction Tube

Suction tubing is supple tubing used with materials suction to remove bodily moisture from patients and maintain operational sites during surgery and clear airways in respiratory emergencies. There are popular suction tube patterns used for various reasons.

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Category: Suction Tube

Best Suction Catheter Tubes by NTI BD

For example, vented tips catheters are used for nasal & oral suctioning, Yank Auer catheter is used for oral suctioning, little suckers are used for oral & nasal suctioning and longer suction catheters can be used for nasal. The suction tube is also used in:

We Have 03 Types of Suction Catheter as Follows:

  • Oropharyngeal Suction
  • Surgical procedures
  • French Poole
  • Adson
  • Frazier
  • Andrews-Pynchon
  • Buie and
  • Leibinger

Why is suction tubing important?

Suctioning clears Catarrh from the tracheostomy tube and is necessary for proper breathing. Also, secretions left in the tube could become defiled and a breast infection could develop. Abstain suctioning too frequently as this could lead to more secretion buildup.

Suctioning is performed when the patient is unable to move secretions from the respiratory tract effectively. This may occur with excessive production of ineffective clearance, which leads to the accumulation of secretions in the upper and lower respiratory tract.

NTI BD offers you three types of Suction Catheter Tubes at an affordable price.

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  • CH/FR: F14
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