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Weight Machine

Embarking on a fitness journey requires not just dedication but also the right tools to sculpt your body into its finest form. In the bustling world of fitness equipment, one indispensable companion stands out – the mighty Weight Machine. As we delve into the realm of health and wellness, we're thrilled to introduce you to the epitome of accuracy and efficiency: Digital Weighing Scale (Digital Weight Machine)

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Digital Body Weight Machine - Glass Tempered

Weight Machine

৳ 1199.00 ৳ 1600.00

Virtual frame weight gadget is a vital aspect for weight size.Digital body weight machine is a very important element for folks who are aware and interested in health due to the fact they paint difficult and visit the fitness center for their favored body weight. Additionally as we all recognise,monitoring body weight is a superb habit.

The present time is the technology of digitalization. So there is no replacement for a digital body weight device (Glass Tempered) for correct body weight measurement.

This digital body weight machine has a capacity of up to 180 kg. This machine uses a massive display so you can see it easily. You can see your weight on the display yourself, no need to ask someone else to determine your weight.

NTI Glass tempered Digital Body Weight Machine, has Weight range 2.5 to 180 kg with 1 (one) year warranty.

Warranty : 1 (one) year

29% OFF

Digital Body Weight Machine - Metal

Weight Machine

৳ 1499.00 ৳ 2100.00

Controlling your weight is just as important as monitoring you’re eating habits to stay healthy. This is simple and convenient when you have appliances like a digital metal body weight machine at your disposal.