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Hot Water Bag With Fabric cover

A hot water bag is a unique rubber bag with a fabric cover that holds hot water. Mainly it is used to relieve pain or stress in any part of the human body. In our country, there are usually two kinds of hot water bags. The first one is a non-electric hot water bag and the other is an electric hot water bag.

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Category: Hot Water Bag

How to Use a Hot Water Bag for Pain Relief or Back Pain?

If used with care, a hot water bag can be used for a very long time but be careful to clean it regularly. And while using it, those with nervous weakness should pay a little attention because often these patients do not understand how much heat they have, so it is seen later that their skin is burnt, so it is essential to be careful.

In the non-electric hot bags, the user has to enter the hot water from outside and use it in a suitable place. Once it is used or if the water inside is cold, it has to be used again by pouring hot water into it and permanently giving it in the electronic bags. When you use it, the heater in it hits the water.

Hot Water Bag in Bangladesh with Best Price - NTI

In Bangladesh, there are many types of hot water bags in the shop, but the best of them all have some special and unique features. Our hot water bag is made with good-quality rubber with a fabric cover.

Also, there will be a cloth handle to hold the hand and the protection of comfortable fabric on the bar. Our hot water bags keep water hot for a long time so you can use it for a long time very easily.

Size 26cm*16cm / 33cm*20cm
Material Bottle: natural rubber Cover: 100% acrylic / polyester
Capacity 1000ml / 2000ml
Package Customized
MOQ 500pcs



British Standard 1970:2012 passed

24 Months replacement guarantee

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